Blackstone Labs Brutal 4ce 60 Tablets


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      • Massive gains in size and strength

    Gaining mass isn’t easy; it takes years of hard training and big eating. In an ideal world, you’d have all the time in the world to train, eat, and sleep. But you don’t live in a perfect world, you live in a world that demands results NOW, not 5-10 years from now.

    Brutal 4ce is a serious muscle-builder for serious bodybuilders and athletes looking to pack on the size in a hurry. Brutal 4ce will help you add weight to the bar each workout, skyrocket Testosterone levels, and build slabs of lean muscle in no time at all.

  • Directions: As a dietary supplement, take one (1) tablet two (2) times per day. Do not exceed two (2) tablets daily.

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