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CytoSport Monster Mass 5.95 Lbs.

CytoSport Monster Mass 5.95 Lbs. 

CytoSport Monster Mass 5.95 Lbs.

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CytoSport Monster Mass

Nature's Ultimate Monster Mass Builder

MONSTER MASS™ is a powerful, yet easily digestible mass-building formula. Although it tastes like an ultra-rich milk shake, MONSTER MASS’s 600+ calorie advanced protein and carbohydrate systems make it the ultimate nutritional tool for building monster size and muscle.

Fast & Slow Proteins:
MONSTER MASS™ delivers rapid-releasing anabolic whey, glutamine peptides and free form BCAA’s are complemented by slower, anti-catabolic caseins and other complete milk protein isolates. This powerful combination of fast and slow proteins creates an “anabolic window” that lasts for hours.

Super Easy To Digest:
Our strategic use of Aminogen® (Patented Bio-Active Polypeptide Enzyme System), bromelain, papain, and lactase ensure extreme ease of digestion. These enzymes ensure the proteins in MONSTER MASS™ are delivered as free-form amino acids and small peptide chains to ensure maximum uptake and absorption. Plus MONSTER MASS™ is 98% lactose free, making it even easier to process.

Boost Your Nitrogen Balance:
MONSTER MASS™ helps create positive nitrogen balance, the gold standard of anabolic potential. MONSTER MASS™ provides high levels of essential amino acids to bathe muscle fibers in an “anabolic soup” to stimulate protein synthesis and muscle growth (hypertrophy).

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