PEScience Lipovate 84 Capsules


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  • Caffeine-Free Leaning Agent

      • Featuring thermogenic 6-paradol
      • Versatile & Stackable
      • oleaBURN®

    Lipovate is a caffeine-free leaning agent with added glucose support. Being stimulant-free, Lipovate can be stacked with other fat burner products like Alphamine, or taken solo. Lipovate features multiple ingredients like our unique olive lead extract blend, aframomum, gymnema, corosolic acid, and cinnulin-PF. If you eat lots of carbs, Lipovate needs to be in your regimen!


    Stand-alone Use

    We formulated Lipovate after a realization of a very frustrating issue for consumers...the vast majority of fat burners on the market contain caffeine or other stimulants. On the other side of the spectrum the caffeine-free products available never lived up to their hype, leaving consumers frustrated and thinking they had to reach for the caffeinated products even when they may be sensitive to caffeine.


    Lipovate has gained popularity for its use in fat-loss stacks. Some users love a caffeinated thermogenic, like Alphamine capsules, and they want to add something more to their regimen to take their stack to the next level. Lipovate makes a perfect compliment to caffeinated thermogenics.

  • Lipovate Supplement Facts
  • Diretions: Take 1 capsule with a meal, up to 3 times per day. Do not exceed 1 capsule per serving. Always take with meals.

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