Black Magic BZRK 25 Servings

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Flavor: Crystal Blue
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  • Black Magic BZRK PRE-WORKOUT

    Black Magic Supply brings you a super premium pre-workout from the other side...

    Tunnel vision and off the wall energy!

    BZRK™ supreme pre-workout will have you feeling psychoactive waves the moment you land in the gym..

    Each handcrafted scoop of BZRK™ contains potent ingredients that will give you the power to blast through any workout ahead..

    Tested for purity, pumps and insanity.

    Try BZRK™ today, available in six magical flavors crystal blue, cosmic burst, haterade, lemon raz icy, mango sunrise and peach rings..

  • DIRECTIONS: Use on training days only. Mix 1 scoop with 6-8 oz of water and consume 15-20 minutes prior to training. To avoid sleeplessness, do not use within 6 hours prior to sleep. DO NOT CONSUME MORE THAN 1 SCOOP IN ANY 24 HOUR PERIOD.

    NOTE: New users may wish to assess tolerance with 1/2 scoop.


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