Blackstone Labs Advanced Recomp Stack


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  • In This Stack:

      • Recomp Rx is an anti-catabolic formula powered by ursolic acid, that will help you simultaneously burn fat while building muscle, helping you to change your body’s composition, naturally.
      • EpiSmash combines Epicat and Anogenin with Liposomal technology. Part plant-based muscle builder, part myostatin inhibitor, this hormone free supplement be taken while bulking, cutting, or as a bridge between cycles. Liposomal technology increases the potency of supplements by protecting them from digestion, increasing absorption rate.
      • Myo-Stack enhances lean mass gains, limits protein breakdown, and accelerates recovery. Utilizing "Ajuga Turkestanica", Myo-Stack is a support product that can be used on it's own, but achieves even greater results when paired with other Blackstone Labs products.

    Stack and save, with the Advanced Recomp Stack.

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