Hi-Tech Dymethazine 90 Tablets


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    Reformulated for Improved Action

    Dry Compound for Cutting Cycles

    No Estrogen Conversion

    Limited Side Effects When Run as a Standalone

    Massive Strength Gains and Muscle Density

    Hi-Tech Pharmaceutical’s newly reformulated Dymethazine is a “dry” compound which is usually used alone during a cutting phase or stacked with a “wet” anabolic like Sustanon 250 during a bulking phase for a balanced stack. Dymethazine does not aromatize to estrogen, so bloating and “gyno” should not be a concern. Dymethazine is especially good for strength gains and muscle density and definition, which makes it great to use during a cutting cycle or alongside a prohormone that helps build mass during a bulking phase for a balanced strength and size stack.

      • 3Beta-hydroxy-5alpha-androstan-17-one azine
      • 11-Hydroxylase Inhibitor

    Dymethazine also has the effect of loading water into the muscles as it is an inhibitor of 11b-hydroxylase. One additional benefit of Dymethazine is that it appears to have some immediate neurological effects, so having a dose pre-workout can aid in strength and aggression. In combination with the lack of subcutaneous (under the skin) water retention experienced with Dymethazine, this should produce a lean, hard look and have the ability to pack on the pounds.

    3β-hydroxy-5α-androstan-17-one is legal as it is naturally found in most mammals, and it is excreted as a normal part of metabolism when we urinate. In fact, it is also naturally found in pine pollen. Dymethazine converts to Stanolone in the body, which is one of the male sex hormones, which can cause an increase in strength, and help maintain muscle mass. Dymethazine also has the ability to bind to SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin), leading to a greater ratio of free testosterone to total testosterone. At the end of the day, it is this 'free testosterone' that really matters, not the total testosterone.

    In sum, Dymethazine is an amazing prohormone when a person is in need of muscle mass, and they need it quick. Dymethazine is very useful during the bulking phase as it can help to provide a lot of strength and muscle quite quickly. Furthermore, Dymethazine is known to have some acute effects. This means that it can be used before your workout as a stimulant. It’s also shown to have some effects in the brain which can make you more aggressive and can help you hit the weights harder than you would otherwise. Give Dymethazine a try and see your strength go up dramatically and an increase in muscle mass. It is also the perfect product to “stack” with products like Sustanon 250.

  • Hi-Tech Dymethazine Supplement Facts
  • Directions: As a dietary supplement, take one (1) tablet 30 minutes to 1 hour in the morning and one (1) tablet in the evening. Do not exceed two (2) per day.

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