Hi-Tech Superdrol & Halodrol Stack


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  • What's Included in the Stack:

      • (1) Hi-Tech Superdrol 42 Tablets
      • (1) Hi-Tech Halodrol 30 Tablets

    This stack features Hi-Tech Halodrol for dry mass gains and Hi-Tech Superdrol, one of the top-selling and most popular prohormones, a lean mass-gaining and cutting prohormone. If you're looking for increased strength along with lean muscle gains, fat loss, and muscle hardening, this is a must-have stack.

    Highlights and Benefits

    Dramatically Increase Size and Strength

    Increase Muscle Hardness and Density

    "Dry" Prohormone Resulting in Lean Muscle Gains

  • Directions For Halodrol: As a dietary supplement, take one tablet 30 MINUTES PRIOR TO TRAINING.

    Directions For Superdrol: As a dietary supplement, take one tablet in the morning and one tablet in the evening. Do not exceed 2 per day.

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