NaturesPlus Collagen Peptides


Size: 0.65 Lb.
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  • Look and feel your best with NaturesPlus Collagen Peptides

    Boost the health of your hair, skin, nails, joints, immune system and much more with the power of collagen protein peptides.*

    What does collagen do, you ask? Everything: It’s what you're made of. So you want the best collagen supplement —NaturesPlus Collagen Peptides.

      • Hydrolyzed peptides for full collagen benefits
      • Six types of collagen to support hair, skin, nail & joint health*
      • Produced from clean, sustainable sources
      • Includes Collagen Digesting Enzymes to maximize absorption
      • Clean taste; easily mixes into hot or cold liquids and foods
      • 56 Servings Per Container

  • Directions: Add 1 heaping scoop (10.5g) or 2 heaping scoops (21g) of COLLAGEN PEPTIDES powder to 8 fl oz. of water, juice or a hot or cold liquid or recipe of your choice.

    NaturesPlus's superior collagen forms mix quickly and easily.
    No blender is required!

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