Hi-Tech 1-Testosterone 60 Tablets

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Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals 1-Testosterone — Highly Anabolic Prohormone

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals 1-Testosterone is marketed as a powerful prohormone supplement designed to significantly increase muscle mass and strength. It utilizes a unique Cyclosome™ Delivery system to enhance bioavailability, aiming to provide cleaner gains by mimicking the effects of naturally occurring metabolites different from standard testosterone, thus reducing unwanted estrogenic or bloating effects. This product is positioned for those seeking serious improvements in their physique and performance, complementing their training regimen.

1-Testosterone Benefits

  • Most Effective Prohormone Ever Produced
  • Potent Mass and Strength Builder
  • Increases Aggression and Intensity
Supplement Facts
1-Testosterone Supplement Facts

As a dietary supplement, take one (1) tablet in the morning and one (1) tablet in the evening. Do not exceed 2 per day.

Do I need to take a PCT?
Yes, we advise undergoing a post-cycle therapy (PCT) after completing a bottle of 1-Testosterone. For this, we suggest using Arimiplex, also from Hi-Tech.
Do I need a cycle support?
This product is non-methylated, meaning it's not harmful to the liver, so there's no need for cycle support. However, if you choose to use one, we suggest considering Liver Rx or Gear Support by Blackstone Labs.
How long can I run / take 1-Testosterone?
You may use it continuously for up to 8 weeks, followed by a minimum 4-week break, during which a post-cycle therapy (PCT) is recommended.
Can I take it with a pre workout?
Yes, you can.
Can it raise your blood pressure?
This product has the potential to elevate blood pressure and may interact with other medications you are on. It's important to consult your doctor prior to using this product.

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