Hi-Tech Cognisport 60 Capsules


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    Highlights & Benefits:

    Improves Mental Cognitive Health, Mood, Fatigue & Vitality

    Manage and Reduce Stress

    Hi-Tech has developed, Cognisport®, the elite multi-faceted gaming supplement to generate Crash Free Energy, Enhance Reaction Time & Elevate Cognition. The world of eSports is constantly evolving, with gamers pushing their limits to maximize their performance. Cognisport® was precisely engineered with the elite gamer in mind, to help promote improved hand/eye coordination, support cognition and focus, as well as help improve vision and reduce eye fatigue associated with low-light gaming. Cognisport® is the Ultimate Gaming Supplement on the market and unrivaled in efficacy and energy!

  • Suggested Use: For healthy adults take one (1) tablet twice daily or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner.

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