Hi-Tech Dianabol 60 Tablets


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  • Muscle Preservation System and Build Lean Muscle

    Amino Acid Catalytic Converter and Promotes Protein Synthesis

    Boost Testosterone Levels and/or Enhance Athletic Performance

    Dianabol — a Hi-Tech Muscle & Strength supplement that contains a whirlwind of both anabolic and anti-proteolytic compounds. This product is all about protein...getting it, saving it, and using it to build rock-hard muscle. The active compounds in Dianabol signal muscles to snatch up more amino acids from the blood and then use them to create muscle protein at a faster rate through increased protein synthesis. The compounds in Dianabol also tell muscles to hang on to amino acids already within muscle by decreasing muscle-wasting activities within the muscle, creating a protein-sparing metabolism, and thus maintaining an anabolic state during times when normal protein breakdown occurs. In essence, Dianabol helps keep hard-earned muscle intact.

  • Directions: Take one (1) tablet three times daily with meals. This is important as the strength of this product can cause nausea if consumed without eating.

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