Ryse Godzilla Pre-Workout 40 Servings
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Flavor: Blackberry Lemonade
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    There can only be ONE King and the King of Pre-workouts has arrived. The officially licensed Noel Deyzel X Godzilla® Pre-Workout is an absolute monster. Packing a massive 40g serving size, this giant delivers city-crushing pumps, razor sharp focus & long-lasting explosive energy. Loaded with 12 ingredients, 5 clinically studied trademarks and a delicious blast of flavor, your new favorite pre-workout is ready for battle.

    Highlights and Benefits

    11g Total Citrulline for massive pumps.* (9g Pure L-Citrulline & 2g patented NO3-T® Citrulline Nitrate.)
    3.2g Beta-Alanine to buffer lactic acid, reduce muscle fatigue & increase overall endurance.
    400mg Total Caffeine from Caffeine Anhydrous & patented zumXR® Extended Release Caffeine for clean, no-crash energy.*
    20mg Thinkamine™ trademarked Vincamine for razor sharp focus & euphoria.*
    Fully Transparent Formula. Zero Proprietary Blends.


      • 1 Scoop: 200MG
      • 2 Scoops: 400MG
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    Ryse Godzilla Supplement Facts
  • Suggested Use: Mix 1-2 Scoops (6-8 oz. per scoop) with water & consume 15-30 min prior to exercise. Vary Amount of liquid to preferred taste. Use Only As Directed.

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